Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal’s links with extremists exposed !

Badal sided with Sikh extremists: CIA papers

HINDUSTAN TIMES, January 24, 2017

Say Badal was working to advance his political fortunes, term Tohra as political opportunist BLAST FROM THE PAST

CHANDIGARH: Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal sided with Sikh extremists against the state government in the strifetorn days in 1980s, according to the Central Intelligence Agency’s declassified documents released last week.

The documents, running into more than 12 million pages, posted online by the US spy agency include a research paper submitted by its Directorate of Intelligence titled, ‘India and the Sikh Challenge’, in which it has a document ‘India’s most important Sikhs’. This is how it describes Badal: “He (Badal) is working to advance his personal fortunes by heading his own Akali Dal dissident party and siding with Sikh extremists against the state government. Twice chief minister of Punjab (1970-71 and 1977), Badal continues to try to position himself as a future candidate for that post.”

The documents show CIA closely monitored the terrorism period in the state as it tracked important events and personalities in India over a period of more than five decades beginning in the late 1940s. OTHER INTERESTING TAKES OF CIA

On then PM Indira Gandhi’s decision to send army to the Golden Temple in 1984: “Indira Gandhi’s decision to send in the army against Sikh militants in Punjab last May was an admission that her political strategy to defuse the crisis had failed.”

It adds: “The paramilitary troops she had sent earlier had failed to bring the well armed extremists to heel. The unrest in Punjab in our view also provided Gandhi with a justification for augmenting her military forces in a critical border state. We estimate that between mid-May and Mid-June the army deployed 20,000-25000 troops to Punjab from adjoining regional commands to reinforce the more than 100,000 army personal already there.”

On threat to Rajiv Gandhi: “Rajiv Gandhi would renew efforts to address moderate Sikh demands after the 1987 elections….He might also choose to release Sikh detainees and offer agricultural subsidies to supplement the accord provisions. Concessions on autonomy would be unlikely. Even under the best scenario the likelihood of Gandhi eventually falling victim to a Sikh assassin would be about even.” On Gurcharan Singh Tohra: He is a “political opportunist who probably hopes to become Punjab CM.”


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